What to expect from Corrosion Technology Week?

Corrosion Technology Week (CTW) is an annual "work week" for members of NACE International technical committees. Sponsored by the Technical Coordination Committee, this event includes a series of meetings focused on methods of identifying, preventing, and combating corrosion problems across all major industries.

Technical Information Exchanges enable committees to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and technology in the corrosion industry. These meetings also provide a forum for sharing information and solutions to corrosion challenges encountered around the world.

Have you heard? New updates to our standards program!

In February 2020, NACE International introduced the new NACE Standards Development Program. This new program is entirely focused on meeting NACE industry needs for new, current, and technically accurate standards. The new structure consists of a 10-member Standards Board and 21 balanced standing committees of dedicated volunteer technical experts. The primary responsibility of these committees is to develop and approve standards, and any technical reports, which require consensus balloting, using a timelier review and reaffirmation/revision of these standards and reports.

Why are these changes helpful?

These new changes to our standards development process were necessary in order reinvigorate the overall program. All aspects (project approvals, standards approvals, etc.) of the new standards development process is significantly streamlined to save the volunteer expert's time. In addition, by implementing the new program, it positions NACE to:

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Why attend?

Learn about NACE's new standards program and how you may participate in it

Meet your colleagues in our 21 new Standards Committees

Participate in the development of corrosion prevention standards and reports that industry
professionals rely on

Establish best practices that focus on identification, prevention and remediation of corrosion

Network with your corrosion industry peers, industry partners, and other corrosion professionals to
learn more about the industry

Foster the next generation of corrosion professionals

Learn about new and innovative technologies and products in the battle against corrosion

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