NACE International is pleased to once again host the annual Corrosion Technology Week (CTW) Conference. This is your premier opportunity to meet and network with committee members, make changes to or develop new standards and reports, and exchange technical information.

To expedite meeting requests, create capacity through efficient scheduling of meetings, provide more Member autonomy, and after consulting with and getting buy-in from Top Member Technical leaders, we are implementing a new scheduling process.

Going forward, STG chairs will have the responsibility to request a block of time that will accommodate all the TG, TEG and WG meetings that are needed in their STG. No individual requests for TG, TEG, or WG meetings will be accepted. STG chairs will be provided a link to access the meeting request form. TG and TEG chairs will be directed to contact their STG chair to make him/her aware of their meeting needs. TG chairs will be responsible for including any meeting requests for their WG.

To minimize meeting conflicts for CTW 2020 attendees, carefully consider the amount of time that is needed for all meetings.

Example Request:

The conference schedule will then list STG 04 meetings as taking place over Tuesday and Wednesday.

This schedule featuring all the STG blocks will be published online and in the CTW Advance Program as long as the following deadlines are met.

All STG meeting block requests are due April 12, 2020. A proof of the schedule will be provided to you by your Technical Activities staff liaison. All changes to the schedule must be provided to the staff liaison by May 1, 2020.

Scheduling Your Committees

After STG time blocks have been finalized, STG chairs will receive a schedule template to schedule all their meetings. STG chairs must complete this template with all the TG, TEG, and WG meetings they want to schedule. STG chairs must provide a list of all TG, TEG, and WG meetings they want to schedule within their time block in order for them to be listed in the Final Program. This information must be provided no later than June 21, 2020 to If this information is not submitted, then only the time block for that STG will be listed in the online schedule and in the Final Program.

Scheduling Administrative and Other Meetings

All administrative and other meetings will continue to be scheduled individually using the online meeting request form below. The submission and review deadlines listed above also apply to these meetings.

If you have questions about this new process, please contact

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